Junction City Schools Have Simply the Best Snow Day Announcements Ever

Simon and Garfunkel parody sets off even more videos

Administrators at Junction City School District made the the most of their snow day… making a snow day parody music video to announce school was canceled — thanks to the at least 12 inches of snow that’s been piling up in unprecedented heaps around Lane County.

Floating heads, hysterical lyrics parodying Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” and a Fortnite reference make the video worth a watch. Or two.

And heads-up, forecasts are calling for more snow on the way. The show’s not over until the last school principal sings.

Hello parents and guardians
We’ve called to talk to you again
Because a storm has come without warning
Left its snow while we were sleeping
And JC schools will be closing for the day
At home we’ll stay
Within the sound of snow day

In restless dreams kids hopes have grown
Icy streets no bus can roam
‘Neath the darkness of a cold black sky
Kids wake their parents yelling “Snow! Oh My!”
Then they’re out the door while older siblings cue Fortnite
It’s a wondrous sight
And feel the sound of snow day.

Junction City wasn’t done after just one video though. Oh no, there’s a part two in which Justin Corey, Oaklea Middle School principal and Brian Young, Junction City High School principal, ponder their next move in another production by Steve Barth.

And here’s Part Three. And for you Coen Brothers fans, on Feb. 28, here’s “I Am a Man of Winter Sorrow.”

Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” get a treatment as does Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Junction City isn’t the only school with admins who have a sense of snow day humor. Howard Elementary School posted a video too, with a Beach Boys parody by Howard Principal Allan Chinn and Counselor Matt Robinson in Hawaiian shirts playing in the snow.

And on day three of no school, Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-go” gives a shout out to the electric companies‘ line workers trying to get the power back on everywhere!