Goodnight, America

I read the outraged letters condemning President Trump for his wall and barbaric immigration policy, written by the immigrants, children of immigrants, grandchildren of immigrants and so on, all wailing that we are a country of immigrants and quoting “give me your tired, your poor …”

What is the magic number? How many do we let in? Five million? One hundred million? Five hundred million? No one will say.

Or am I the last to realize that there really is no number — that the actual desire is to turn the U.S. into a Third World dump? That would be cool. Let’s all sit back and imagine Eugene with 1.3 million inhabitants, sewage running down 7th Avenue a foot deep, rat and maggot infested slums sprawling all around the University of Oregon, gangs of rapists and thieves claiming entire neighborhoods.

That’s what inclusiveness looks like, and if you disagree you are a filthy racist.

Brian Palmer