Jokers To The Right

During a Eugene City Club in late January, Gov. Kate Brown referred to  “due process” and “trusting the system” with regards to the Jordan Cove LNG Pipeline proposal. Is she forgetting that the project was rejected two times by local jurisdictions and public processes in the past? 

Enter 2016, with the election of Donald Trump and him personally seeing new appointees to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Again, we see this project resuscitated from the grave yet another time. It had seemed to be gone for good the last time it was dismissed.

I appreciate Gov. Brown’s observation of due process, but these days — with our politics and environment — are not of the “business-as-usual” type. And Trump’s presidency is an aberration, brought on by overseas interference.

Are we going to let a world-class resource get caught up in the confusion and dysfunction? Contact Gov. Brown now and Oregon State Lands Director Vicki Walker: Tell them to reject this project soundly and finally.

Kerstin Britz