Many local problems are caused by not thinking globally, or at least federally. The failure of HUD to follow its constitutional principles has allowed scavengers and thieves to wallow around in one of the nation’s bureaucratic nightmares, exploiting common needs for the sake of uncommon greed.

The cause of HUD’s failure stems from the fact that one representative for hundreds of thousands of people can only hear the voice of corporate America waving the flag for profit. With no increase in representation proportionate to population growth, the majority of taxpayers, and all of the invisible, are silenced.

Solution: A context-based constitutional renaissance that teaches responsibility and liberty cannot subsist separately. Common knowledge of the context in which the Constitution was originally written will make state legislatures serve as individual chambers in a 50-chamber House of Representatives and limit cities to 30,000 in size, creating federal districts that send local residents to represent people that support the Constitution — thereby eliminating cronyism and redundant layers of state government, and doing away entirely with county governments.

Herein lies hope for the invisible, for taxpayers and the republic our flag stands for.

Jon Meadow


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