The Housing Problem

Affordable housing is a complex problem around the country (“The Housing Symptom,” Robert Emmons, Feb. 21). The fact is that there is not enough for those in or close to poverty. Only 25 percent of the people who qualify for Section 8 housing are able to receive it.

Although complex, solving the housing problem isn’t rocket science. There are successful programs like the one for veterans in New Orleans. It seems, as usual, it is the “political will” that is lacking.

Our calls, letters and visits to those we elect to represent us can change this, if we persist and follow up with voting. Housing is a basic need that can be met through action: fully funding programs that work, like Section 8 vouchers, replicating proven programs, and trying out new approaches to determine their effectiveness.

The question is: Will we speak up to convince our representatives to pass the legislation and funding needed?

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.