All Hands On Deck

The recent Eugene Climate Town Hall had an interesting process. Everyone in the room (about 200) wrote out their best ideas to mitigate climate change. After exchanging them, one of the top-rated ideas was for Lane County Board of Commissioners to implement a Lane County Climate Action Plan. This is a no-brainer next step.

Transitioning from conventional agriculture to regenerative, organic agriculture sequesters carbon, builds topsoil and holds moisture longer. Protecting our public forests in Lane County from logging would also sequester large amounts of carbon as well as fare far better than tree plantations in forest fires.

Cities work on decreasing emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) while our surrounding rural lands can sequester more GHG. This would also help us become more resilient and prepared for the unstable times to come.

The climate change crisis is an all-hands-on-deck emergency and Lane County government needs to get on board. Also, call Gov. Kate Brown and urge that she deny Jordan Cove LNG project.

Pam Driscoll