Are Beloved Leader

I’ve had it with the Lamestreamedia’s always besmalling are President, making fun of his claim that him and himself alone kept the skies safe during the Pelosi-Schumer-Warren-Acosta-O’Rourke shut-down (unpublicized fact: according to Blightbrat, he visited several major “airports” during peak hours and personally took over the landing towers to show “how it should be done.” You won’t read about that in the Bezosamazonwashingtonpost!).

He is the most humblest person on Earth — note that he doesn’t not call himself a super-genius, which he certainly is — facts don’t lie (unless their on the Lamestreamedia!). Note that he didn’t not say that he is the most stable person ever, which he certainly is, or else why would he even have to say that! (Ask yourself that whydontcha, libtards!) 

Note that he didn’t take no credit for the fact that there was no volcano deaths in the “Lower 47” in 2018 — and yet there was none! Note that there was no deaths due to Bigfoot attacks in the U.S. — and yet there was none! Note the absence of astroid-related deaths anywhere in the U.S. due to his digilence as CiC of Space Command — and yet there was none! All done on his watch! No deaths! By none of them dangerous things!

 They’re are hunderds of other examples of are Beloved Leader being on watch 24/7/52 keeping his people safe, and yet do you ever hear about them on Fake News? NO!

Trump — definitely NOT you’re crazy racist uncle!

Jamie Selko