Dem Dems

Hey, Mr. Calder (Letters, “Ask Not,” Feb. 28): The Dems are still plugging along making sure you and I have a safety net and health care as we age, beautiful national parks that are protected from greedy developers, and fighting daily to thwart the racist Nazis that would love to have the U.S. be like Russia.

I’ve asked your same question about the Repubs and here is the answer: Talk radio, where — for the love of money — misogyny, racism and xenophobia was perpetrated under the guise of “entertainment” to gullible, fearful, greedy people 24/7 until they were brainwashed.

Now we see the fruits of this ugly, divisive crop: Trump. But even more, a Republican party that is complicit and truly un-American.

If, in the last 25 years, any Repub had a boat in rising waters, only a white man would be allowed on board. Nice.

Annie Kayner