Electromagnetic Soup

Smart meters and 5G have come to Eugene. Smart meters are devices that allow utility companies to track and transmit your use of electricity directly to the company; they replace traditional analog meters.

Opponents of smart meters cite several concerns, including data privacy and security issues (identity theft, implications of real-time surveillance), health issues for humans and animals, risk of smart meter fires and more. Utility companies assert that all of these concerns are baseless.

My experience is personal. My husband had a heart condition that was exacerbated by exposure to these types of wireless devices. I’ve also spoken to many others who suffer debilitating health issues from EMF exposure. A typical story is that an otherwise healthy person gets very sick and can’t figure out why, despite visits to doctors and specialists.

Eventually they connect their issues to EMF exposure. Some insist that it’s all in their heads. But as someone who lived with and observed close-up someone suffering extreme effects from EMFs (at times landing in the ER), I know it was real. His cardiologist acknowledged that negative health impacts his patients were reporting from EMFs were real. (My husband died 18 months ago.)

I understand why people who are not EMF sensitive don’t believe it’s real. Wireless technologies are convenient and fun and omnipresent. No one wants to think about the possibility that the EMF soup we live in could negatively impact our health.

I encourage everyone to do her own research and be as informed as possible. 

Sheila Hoover