Everyone Poops

It is a fact, though not a popular one, that homeless people both exist and need to poop occasionally. It seems that those who build public restrooms think that if they make their facilities unpleasant enough to use — maybe even keeping them permanently locked — no one will have to use them.

Not only is this not true, it dehumanizes the human beings who have no other choice.

At the very least, I would hope the people of Eugene could find it in their hearts to provide the most basic of sanitation at such facilities. I mean, no soap? Not even an empty dispenser, but no washing of hands after defecating?

Is one or two discourteous (watch out for the ‘N’ word) junkies worth depriving everyone, even affluent people who visit parks, of the most basic of sanitation? And what do you think someone who used the restroom does next? Probably touches the door handle to get somewhere they can wash their hands. A door handle you might grab hold of.

I would ask those responsible to rethink the values and purpose for which these restrooms exist. And perhaps acknowledge that a few bad apples should not be allowed to subvert this purpose into what I can only call “poor-hating.” Hate solves no problems. Never seen it work once.

Russell Kerns