Neither Rain Nor Sleet

Our recent snowstorm was a great example of how people can come together in time of need and help out neighbors and strangers. I witnessed several acts of assistance and kindness and was helped when my vehicle was stuck in snow at the south Eugene Post Office.

The reason my vehicle was stuck is because no one at the south Eugene Post Office bothered to shovel any part of the sidewalks or parking lot for their patrons during the entire period of snowfall. Not one employee was willing to take the responsibility to care enough about their patrons, many of which are elderly and disabled, to shovel even a small path on the sidewalk so they could safely get from their cars to the entrance.

I find their lack of caring to be both disgraceful and utterly negligent to the need for their customers’ safety. 

From the Postal Employee’s Guide to Safety: “The Postal Service® is committed to providing its employees and customers with a safe and healthy environment and complying with applicable safety laws and regulations. A key strategy in the Postal Service’s Transformation Plan is building a highly effective and motivated workforce. A safe and healthy workplace, free from safety hazards, is important for helping us achieve that goal.”

Maybe somebody at the south Eugene Post Office could start following these guidelines.

Derek Vincent


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