Second Amendments

The drafters of the Second Amendment of the Constitution did not envision semi-automatic or automatic weapons, bump stocks or untraceable 3-D printed guns when they wrote it. They certainly didn’t imagine those types of weapons getting into the hands of civilians and being used for mass murders in schools, churches, etc.

It is conceivable that at some future date there will be weapons that are even more destructive, more lethal than the ones already out there: laser guns, Star Trek-type phasers, guns that shoot pellets filled with ricin or anthrax, etc.  

Our elected officials, the people who make the laws, need to have a little forethought and be proactive about the future of weapons policy. To date, they have been nothing but reactive and not much has come of that. The Second Amendment is passé; it needs to be revised. It needs to have a clause allowing for further revision as weapons technology advances.

Gun owners and gun rights activists have to realize that at some point their right to own certain types of weapons will be restricted. For the good of all of us, how could it be otherwise?

Chuck West