Sex Positive

Recently Dove Medical, a self-proclaimed faith-based and abstinence only group, presented in 4J schools (EW 3/14). 

Whereas holistic sex education presents abstinence as an effective and valid option, Dove Medical thinks it’s the only way. One student stated that presenters “conflated sex before marriage with shame.” Another said they passed out cards on which to write “good things you want to be remembered for,” then discussed “how these qualities are jeopardized once you have sex.”

The law tells us we aren’t allowed to implement abstinence-only ed. Research (and common sense) tells us that a sex-negative atmosphere will do virtually nothing to protect kids. 

4J has issued a statement saying that Dove is simply presenting one facet of the sex topic, and without agenda. But mission groups with explicitly stated religious agendas, such as “to end the perceived need for human abortion,” have no place in a public school health classroom. State Rep. Marty Wilde agrees. 

This spring, cast a vote for school board members (such as Dr. Martina Shabram), who recognize that many organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, have apolitical, sex-positive views, and present unrestricted information and resources to students, no matter what their values may be. 

My ability to make healthy decisions for myself came from comprehensive, unbiased sex education — not from adults warning that it is shameful to have sex. Like every student who has signed our petition, I know what I am fighting for. I know the standard of education that I, and your children, deserve. 

Jane Brinkley, student

South Eugene High School