This Should Go Over Well

I would like to point out the inexcusable racist and xenophobic behavior of the Left. Their new attack on minorities comes in the form of a new hate term, “toxic masculinity” — the idea that men are too aggressive, disrespectful and violent.

What they are really admonishing is the Latinization and integration of African culture in America. To our traditional American view, the way Latinos and African Americans treat women might be seen as objectionable, but to them its normal; it’s part of their culture. Listen to any rap song and pay attention to how women are portrayed, and then listen to any country song. Big difference right?

If the liberals have their way, Latin and black culture would be wiped off the face of the earth because they think its antithetical to our ideas of respect and equality. Because we impose our ideals of gender relations on people of other cultures, black and Latino men get arrested for rape and sexual assault at an alarmingly higher rate than white men.

Stop punishing them for simply being who they are and acting according to the norms of their culture. Cultural genocide is real and the Left is at the helm of the ship.

Arthur Waterbridge 


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