Who Will Save Us?

I’d like to remind Milton Takei (Letters, March 14) that some people face more immediate problems than global warming. And who do they expect will bail them out?  

“Uncle Sam, our crops have failed!”

“Uncle Sam, we have Ebola!”

“Uncle Sam, our wells ran dry!”

“Uncle Sam, we had a big storm!”

“Uncle Sam, we’re dying from AIDS!”

“Uncle Sam, they took our food!”

“Uncle Sam, the Russians are coming!”

“Uncle Sam, they kidnapped our girls!”

“Uncle Sam, we had a big earthquake!”

“Uncle Sam, hurry!”

Before you say Americans are “consuming more than their share” — whatever that means — you better have a Plan B for all the wonderful, often corrupt, dysfunctional, over-populated non-electric light-bulb societies on the planet.  

And you can be sure that neither Mr. Takei nor any of his friends or colleagues are going to turn in their light bulbs or lower their standard of living one iota to accommodate the light-bulb-less.

Greg Williams