A McGyver Moment

In this age of Facebook, where we bemoan the lack of personal contact, I just wanted to share a lovely moment of connection in our fair city today.

My 20-year-old Subaru (only a third of my age… come on, Subaru!) died at the major intersection of 7th and Chambers, with so little battery power (apparently) that I could not get the car into neutral. Two young men offered to push me across the street into a parking lot.

I sat there somewhat befuddled, figuring out whom to call for help. After about five minutes, the same young men ran up (having parked nearby) and enthusiastically told me they had figured out how to override the shift lock override (I’m guessing they Googled it).

After a few minutes McGyvering, one of the young guys joyously pushed the shift lever into neutral and then invited me to steer as the both of them energetically pushed me into a parking lot (getting their workout for many days, I’m sure).

My only regret is I was so flustered I neglected to get their names. Thanks, guys!

Marianne Dugan