Mayoral Misinformation

Mark Twain said if you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed and if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed. “Climate Laws” (EW, 4/4) by current and former mayors Lucy Vinis and Kitty Piercy was misinformation.

They claimed addressing climate change will boost economic growth. In reality, investing in solar panels might mitigate the downslope. Endless growth required ever increasing consumption of finite resources.

Eugene’s climate law mandates buying “carbon credits,” not major shifts in polluting behaviors. Giving public funds to private consultants does not reduce dependence on concentrated energy, re-localize food production or create more cooperation.

Good Company, a consultancy that helped create Eugene’s climate plan, is now promoting plastic incineration for the American Chemistry Council. Perhaps they can market “cancer credits” to offset the health impacts.

In 2006, Mayor Piercy introduced a lecture by Richard Heinberg of Post Carbon Institute, one of the few voices who integrates climate concerns with the physical reality of fossil fuel depletion. Shortly afterward, her policy response was to recommend another parking garage for downtown Eugene.

At least Piercy made City Hall carbon neutral — by demolishing it.

“Climate Laws” claims we have “11 years” to solve the problem.  In  1990, the U.N. Environment Program warned the 1990s would be the decade of decision.

In Salem, Gov. Kate Brown and the Democrats let solar energy tax credits expire, with little objection from climate activists. I’m more interested in the laws of thermodynamics, which are not changed by political rhetoric and greenwashing.

Mark Robinowitz