Punk Rock

It was refreshing to see the write up “This Time It’s Personal” (EW, 4/4) about the punk band AJJ returning for another show in Eugene. Punk music often does not get enough credit and is frequently overlooked. 

To quote the article: “Most of all, AJJ plays punk-folk protest music for our times, infused with the dread of Flint’s poisoned water, late-stage capitalism and the nihilism of climate-change denial.”

This really speaks to the very core of what the punk genre has always been: a politically minded, conscientious group of caring people who are fed-up. They are motivated to speak out against injustice and speak up for the marginalized.

Punk is about fighting the failing parts of social and governmental systems, and the toxic byproduct that comes from what the wealthy corrupt corporate feeds the mainstream.

In this era of the Trump administration and all that it carries with it, this protest is more crucial now than ever. I would love to read more articles promoting politically aware punk musicians. Cop Out and Leftover Crack are a couple good ones.

Audrey Scully