Science In Schools

In response to Mark Fiser’s letter (3/28) which attempts to debunk the Environmental Science Academy at Churchill High School in Eugene: I would like to rebut Fiser’s misinterpretations on behalf of my brother, who went through the program and learned much about himself and his planet.

The program teaches climate science and our roles alongside it. The teachers of the program are engaging and encourage their students to find the wonder in the world around them.

Fiser dramatically cites the definition of the scientific method, implying Sarah Ruggiero is ignoring a core concept of her own professional field. This concept, which Fiser claims is being disregarded, is the basis of the program.

The scientific method has been used by hundreds of scientists for decades to create and repeatedly prove their hypotheses on the existence of climate change. Fiser considers Ruggiero to be “boycotting opposing views.” However, the statement plainly expresses Ruggiero “would be thrilled” to see such scientific evidence.

Scientific consensus refers to the collection of theories we must take as fact to go forward with any scientific exploration — concepts Einstein himself used to develop new theories. Fiser then plagiarizes a response from the blog “The Capacity of Liberty” by A. Birch after Google-searching the quote by Einstein. 

If the teachers of this program had had the chance to enrich Fiser’s mind the way they do their students, Fiser wouldn’t have needed to plagiarize another’s work.

Andrea L. McIntyre


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