Women In Tech

I am writing in regards to the “Women, Tech and STEM” article by Lauren Jerome and Kim Dearborn (4/4). The article inspired me to share my brief experiences in engineering. 

In high school I was unsure of what I wanted to do, so I enrolled in the engineering pathway EASA (Engineering Aerospace Sciences Academy). I studied engineering topics for two years. In that time I learned many valuable skills such as team building, presentation and communication of ideas, as well as some coding.

While I don’t use coding today, I’m always able to use the skills I learned to work in a team and communicate professionally. In every job I’ve had since these classes, I’ve used the foundational elements of working with a team on a daily basis.

Learning in these classes alongside other women, whether we were interested in the subject or not, made it far easier for me to feel comfortable in the classroom environment. The opportunity to take these classes, even in an exploratory manner, helped me learn lessons I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Rosemary Mullis