The UO is Leftist?

I see that Cornel West, outspoken champion of left-wing politics, is scheduled to speak at our local bastion of leftist thought, the University of Oregon

I can’t predict what will happen during his speech, other than I’m sure it will be eloquently delivered. But I can predict what won’t happen: I predict that there will be no conservative individuals or groups disrupting or trying to shut down Professor West’s speech.

No conservative mobs rioting in the streets. No torching of vehicles and buildings and no broken windows or other property damage.

No conservatives outside Straub Hall in violent protest screaming obscenities and threats at West and at those who share his views. No conservatives sucker-punching liberal supporters of West.

In other words, I predict that it’ll be a free speech event conducted in the manner it should be. And because none of the foregoing is likely to happen, it will again demonstrate that “free speech” on college campuses today is only that with which the left agrees.

Jerry Ritter


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