Torrey Loyalists

I moved here 11 years ago and immediately fit into 4J school district because of the amazing teachers. Great teachers are the main reason I chose North Eugene High School, where I’m now a junior. I helped the bond campaign last fall, which opened my eyes to local issues.

I have endless respect for the tough job the school board does, and I am concerned about this election. 

As a student, I want my voice heard when I say how important Jim Torrey is on the school board. 

As a student at the high school with the most financially diverse and routinely overlooked population, I want the community to be aware of our needs. We need somebody who is fighting for us — somebody who truly believes in equity and equal opportunity, no matter where you come from.

I fondly remember two months ago when Torrey joined us students to lobby in Salem for more funding. He focuses on students, especially ones who aren’t usually focused on.

Torrey’s commitment is to serve the schools, and that is all. I trust he is the candidate that helps all kinds of 4J students. 

Come May, I hope Eugene puts the students’ needs first and re-elects Jim Torrey.

Emma Burstein