Oregon Country Fair announces 2019 Lineup

Oregon Country Fair 2019 Lineup:

Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band

The Polish Ambassador

Jim James Solo


The Dandy Warhols

Everyone Orchestra

Zero With Melvin Seals



Ace Of Cups

Swatkins And The Positive Agenda

Cyber Craigie Twins

High Step Society

Jerry Joseph And The Jackmormons

Petunia And The Vipers

The Deer

Nowhere Band


Baby Gramps

Sweet Juice

Alder Street

Black Magdalene

Free Peoples 

Ashleigh Flynn And The Riveters

Brian Cutean

Brown Stallion

Caitlin Jemma And The Goodness

David Jacobs Strain And Christopher Worth

Climbing Poetree

Midnight North


Free Creatures

Cello Joe And Toni Tone

The Chris Chandler Show



Scott Law

Gossamer Strings

Jason Webley

Jim Page

John Craigie

Lovebomb Go Go

Living Roots

Casey Neill & The Norway Rats

The Never Ever Band

Richard Crandell

Saloon Ensemble

Trio Ritmo Y Romance

Sacred Trees

Steel Wool/Chaka And Rose

Ratie. D

Nick Drummond Band

The Almond Butters Band


Bhakti Shakti W/Kavita Kat Macmillanso Hum

Blind Monkey

Ollie Bunson

Dusty Rhodes And Her Handsome Cowboy

Cap’n Trips Play Bob Dylan

Katie Sontag And The Love Notes

Vaudeville / Circus / Comedy:

The Royal Famille DuCaniveaux

UMO Ensemble

Rose City Circus


Leapin’ Louie, Tera Zarra and Shoehorn

Jet Black Pearl


Bombastic Bellini Family Circus

Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic

Mud Bay Jugglers with Vendredi’s Bag


Circus Luminescence

Girl Circus

Haute Trash Fashion Show

Stage Left Presents: FLOTSAM!

The Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra

Artis the Spoonman

Jan Luby

Stand-up Comedy Revue

Trunkful of Face puppet troupe

Fremont Players

Moz Wright

Rudi Galindo

Charlie Brown Comedy Juggling Show

Earthcapades Environmental Vaudeville

On the Caravan Stage: 

Bedouin Spice Orchestra and the Caravan Stage Dancers

Espacio Flamenco

Denbaya Drum and Dance

In the Dance Pavilion:

Quixotic Fusion


Ayla Nereo

Chinyakare: Zimbabwean dance troupe from San Francisco

DJ Prashant and the Jai Ho! Dance Party

Hoop Royale

Denbaya Drum and Dance Ensembles

Cocrea Mindful Partner Dance with Wren LaFeet and music by Amae Love and Friends

Contra dance called by Noah Grunzweig with music by The Nettles

Ecstatic Dance with hArtspace Project

Salseros Dance Company with music by Descarga 54

Vivan Los Elementos

Bang Bang Boogie

Spoken Word:

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda

Alcyon Massive

For The Wild with Ayana Young

Our River, The Long Tom

inspire tribe

Bringing us together in song: Aimee Ringle

Mining Urban Ore and end the Age of Waste

Your Soul’s Mythology

Dr. Atomic’s Medicine Show

Spoken Word Poetry Showcase

Consensual Croissant-musical parody on sex

50 Years transforming culture: Jay Hogan

Reality Kitchen: an Integrated Community

Growing Up On the Road and Off the Grid

Regeneration Generation-Katrina Zavalney

Motivational Hip Hop w/ Kemy Joseph

Open the Floodgates to Joy:—Nicki Scully

Fooble the Dragon-interactive puppet show

Obo Martin and Folk Rock Storyteller

OCF: How we got from There to Here

50 Years of Fair Stories

History and Mystery of 50 years of OCF

Our Children’s Trust

Patch Adams

Gypsy Moon with Priyo and Friends

Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon

Songs of Solidarity with Refugees

Shawna Bluestar and Steven T. Newcomb

Swami Beyondananda

The Flying Karamazov Brothers

Swami and Trudi Trueheart

STAR Voting

Tom Noddy

In the WorkIt Shop:

Karolina Lux

Hoop with Kendall

Sacred Bellydance with Sedona Soulfire

Urban Dance Culture with Amaya Alvarado and Michael Galen

Modern Dance with Roseena Robinson

Flamenco dance with Sophia Solano

Foundation and Flow Yoga with Olivia Schroeder

Bollywood-Bhangra Workshop with DJ Prashant

Hip Hop Dance Exploration with Donna Mation

West African Dance with Manimou Camara and FodE Sylla

On the Youth Stage: 

Moes Family Band

Cullen and Mia Vance

Live Paint: Moon Tales From Around the World

Planet Samba

Cello Joe and Toni Tone

Linda Yapp as the Lemon Drop Fairy

Aminta Skye

Hummingbirds Girls Choir

Caveman Dave

Galen Hefferman


Happily Ever Laughter

Delaney Rose


Uncle-B, Auntie-E and J-Dog

TRUE The Ridgeline Ukulele Extravaganza

Poetry in Pajamas

Ras Gabriel and Joe Ginet’

Garden Critter Academy Puppets

Kai Heartlife On Top Of The World Juggling

Ruby Jensen

Sibling Revelry

Fox and Bones

Lucky Ortiz: Native American Teaching Tales and Music

Ambiance on the Path:

The Fire Show

Mystics of Nibiru

Revelers Aerial Works

Risk of Change

Calliope Circus

Razzle Dazzle and the Atomic Tangerine Clown

Paper La Shay

Free Pile Sirkus

Holistic Hoops

Trudy and the School

The Farce Family

Fantastic Elastics

Peachy Sweet Cheeks

Frick Frack Blackjack

Rose Moment and Beaks A. Griffin

Chicken Little

Diva Galactika

Peachi the Dragon

Happily Ever Laughter

Coyote Rising

Reggie Miles, Gadget Master

Radar Angels

Last Gasp Sweep Band

Jonny Hahn