Build A Coop!

I was shocked by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife’s decision concerning the turkey issue.

The turkeys in town are being a nuisance with their droppings and attacking cars. So the ODFW has decided to hunt the turkeys in areas outside of town; the turkeys in town must be protected by the fact Eugene is a sanctuary city and so the town council is holding an emergency meeting trying to come up with several million dollars to designate an area in town with lots of trees (as turkeys roost in trees at night), but citizens are saying, “Not in my area.”

Some UO students are holding a fund-raising event to help raise money (they don’t give a hoot about the turkeys, but it sounds like a great party idea.).

Somehow, word has gotten to the out-of-town turkeys and they are flocking into town by the flocks; the local police are shrugging their shoulders, saying, “Not our problem.”

There is great consternation about what can be done and the ODFW has allocated a million dollars for a study to be completed in 2045. Meanwhile, if the turkeys are in your yard, you can sic your dog on them — but don’t hurt them, as they could be city turkeys and not the out of town turkeys!

Dick Walker