Torrey Performs

Jim Torrey is running for re-election to the Eugene 4J school board in May 2019, and I enthusiastically support him in that effort. I served with Torrey on the board for eight years before my retirement in 2015 (after 20 years of service on the board). During that time, I had numerous opportunities to observe Jim’s commitment to the district and its students. 

The role of the board includes outreach to the community, establishing and monitoring board policy, and the selection and evaluation of the superintendent. In all of those areas of responsibility Torrey has performed admirably. His particular focus is on students who need additional support to achieve their potential. He always approaches those needs in the broader context of state and local financial support and requirements. 

In addition to his service on the school board and related committees, Torrey has been actively involved in the district’s request to its voters to support students by approving bond and local option requests. That voter support has been essential to student success. Currently he is very active in the committee supporting the local option measure, which will be on the May ballot.

Craig A. Smith