Kent Cares

Nora Kent is a candidate for the Lane Education Service District Board, Position 4. Kent has lived in this community for more than 40 years, has raised her children here and seen many changes. She is well aware of the needs of our community. As she sees concerns, she steps in to help.

Kent takes action and addresses the basics of the situation, whether they are personal or community wide. When she gets there, she is a natural leader with energy and purpose. I know this because I have been involved in several grass roots organizations with her: La Leche League for Mother’s support, Eugene Waldorf School for elementary education, Lane Community College as instructors and Inspirational Sounds African American Gospel Choir for spiritual health.

Her campaign has grassroots funding as “regular people” step up to donate and give support. Kent cares about people whether they are in her district or the whole county. She has experience living in a rural community, teaching at LCC in Florence, developing programs as she sees the need and volunteering in the community as well as teaching, managing her family life and tending to properties with her husband.

Kent cares and will add energy and focus to the Lane ESD. I endorse her for the Lane ESD.

Sydney Shenk Kissinger