Resist the Herding

Yesterday the sales pitch flyer for the new county courthouse arrived. My knowledge of the current courthouse functioning is limited, but it’s not a big leap to assume Lane County needs a new courthouse, considering that I’m four years older than the current structure and I could sure use some new housing.

But nowhere in the flyer is it discussed how the county came up with this giant-sized bond package. The issues and solutions laid out are quite sensible. But there’s no direct correlation between those solutions and the estimated cost.

I agree that the new courthouse must provide forever-expanding services to an ever-expanding population for another 60 years. But until the county provides the analysis of how they arrived at this $252-million price tag, voters should reject this package.

Maybe the solutions can be had for $200 million, or $175 million. Who knows, right?

For me the cost would be around $75 annually. Not horrible, but I’d be much happier about reducing my fixed income if it was clear why it needs to cost me that much. But apparently we’ve moved into the age of no science, no data, no analysis and no facts, and I’m just being a troglodyte.

Or maybe I just resist being herded.

Tim Gardner