The Kids Dig Shabram

My name is Posey Chiddix, and I attend Sheldon High School. I believe that we need more 4J school board members who will listen to young people when we stand up and ask them to take action, especially when their decisions directly impact students like me.

Progressive female grassroots candidates like Martina Shabram are stepping into leadership roles across the country, making bold changes on behalf of younger generations. As a community health educator for Planned Parenthood, she has impacted many student lives, having taught the importance of respect, consent and individual health and safety in over half of 4J schools.

As a student at Sheldon, I can see the very apparent need to address issues such as large classroom sizes and limited funding. Electing Shabram to the school board will ensure that we can find solutions for the critical problems 4J faces.

On the school board, she will fight for our values of decreasing class sizes, increasing school funding, improving access to CTE programs and giving Community Benefits Agreements to workers who need living wage jobs in Eugene. 

Shabram is the only Democrat running for Position 5, and I urge you to vote for her by May 21.

Posey Chiddix 


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