The Parents Dig Torrey

The Weekly is 100 percent on track with its endorsement of Jim Torrey for School Board. Here’s why you are right:

Torrey has proven that he will stand up for under-represented kids. He has taken hard votes to promote equity and more support for marginalized kids.

He listens — he walks his talk when it comes to respect and civility. He is the model of respectful leadership that we need in these polarizing times. He walks his talk when it comes to hard work, too — he’s not up on his soapbox, but he’s with us knocking on doors for schools every time. He does support progressive, forward thinking health education, mental health supports and curriculum.

I work with hundreds of Stand for Children parents across the district to advocate for better schools and school funding and to hold school leaders accountable. Our members are in schools across Eugene, and we know what is happening in the district.

Our parent leaders unanimously endorsed Torrey because we know him, and we know how much he actually does for schools and kids. This was a clear choice for us: Jim Torrey for School Board.

Joy Marshall