Coddling Developers

A wake-up call to Eugene residents: We must oppose the overriding of past “refinement plans.” Much thoughtful work was done in the past by people who had the foresight to protect our natural resources. There are very sound reasons for the provisions of the South Hills Study, among them the protection of water, forests, habitat, the wildlife corridor, etc.

Our current city government wants to trash those considerations.

We must oppose the changes that the current city government “recommends” with regard to the South Hills Study. Their plans for a “clear and objective code” governing new housing developments will streamline the process for developers, as they state as a goal, but at a cost to the environment and to the livability of our area.

Let’s not sacrifice our natural resources in this rush to provide housing. Let’s not ease the way for developers to line their pockets at the expense of the general public. More thought and consideration for sustainability and the preservation of our natural resources must go into the planning process.

We need trees on the ridgeline, not houses. Don’t throw out the old guidelines. 

It’s time for concerned citizens to contact the City Council and the Planning Commission.

Betsy Datri


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