Save Midwives

The proposal to end the services provided by Riverbend midwifery is a gross misunderstanding of the essential function of the place and her people. 

Midwives have been an integral part of the birthing process for time beyond measure and their prolonged contact is a soft pillow during the plunge into parenthood. 

While the nurses at the hospital proper are excellent in every way, it’s comforting beyond words to have someone you’ve met at least a few times going with you into the fray.

The statistics and accounts of the many benefits of the midwives’ diffusion of techniques and practices should be enough for this establishment not to be so casually tossed aside. 

Speaking as a first-time parent, the close-knit support given in the months leading up to and on through labor, and beyond, is paramount in ensuring a newborn lands in a calm, inviting environment able to handle various challenges as opposed to everyone involved into the pod without anyone knowing how to swim. 

I urge those with authority to rethink the idea of closing this house due to a perceived lack of value. It has all the value in the world considering these midwives bring the world home every day. 

Harry Kephart