The Highest Stakes

Apparently property rights mean nothing when a fracked-gas pipeline can make billions for toxic corporations. They simply take the land.

In the case of May 13 front page in The Register-Guard describing the behemoth poisonous fracked-gas pipeline companies that have rigged our political and judicial systems: Sign now and don’t get paid for your land or face eminent domain, which means they take it anyway at their price.

Is it fair, equitable and honest?  Hell no, but the T Rexes of the energy industry gobble away in order to profit for the few and display total disregard for landowners. We must fight and fight hard.  That means electing officials unafraid to fight the corporations.

It also means citizens must support the officials willing to fight with time, money or both, because the toxic corporations are happy to gobble. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the earth we live on… it’s all at stake.

Fred Ledgard