Rebel or Die

Climate disruption has become so apparent that many politicians and even corporate executives have begun saying that we can’t continue business as usual. Meanwhile, after a few palliative gestures, they are continuing business as usual.

Scientists who have been predicting for three decades that rising temperatures would cause the extreme weather events we are currently experiencing now tell us we have only a decade to prevent uncontrollable climate chaos. During these three decades concerned individuals have circulated petitions, lobbied legislators, campaigned for climate candidates, filed lawsuits, organized boycotts and led marches to urge action on this crisis.  

The stunning lack of progress from these efforts and the urgency of the situation would dictate that a new approach is in order. Non-violent civil disobedience is a tactic of last resort when an individual sees an injustice and the powers that be are not addressing the problem.

That is why a new group calling itself Extinction Rebellion has organized in 33 countries, including a chapter here in Eugene. Governments and economic systems that do not act to protect citizens cannot be supported and must be disrupted from business as usual.

Regretfully, it has come down to this. Consult your conscience and act accordingly.  

Carolyn Partridge


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