Evergreen Housing Development is a Seattle-based company that plans to develop future market-rate apartments here in the Eugene area, including in the Willamette Greenway. I would label Evergreen Housing Development as a NIMBY corporation. 

Please take note that this developer does not build apartment buildings in their own city of Seattle (in Seattle they have remodeled two majestic previous-hotels). Could it be because they throw together poorly constructed apartments like ECCO on River Road that look like crap in ten years? Is it because they make promises to the neighbors that they had no intention to follow through on (thus leaving a mess for the county and city to clean up) like at ECCO? Maybe because Eugene city planners will bend over backwards to make developers happy even if it costs tax payers thousands of dollars later to fix it. 

This NIMBY corp is up against a YIMBY neighborhood here on River Road. This neighborhood says YES to affordable housing — not more cheaply built, unneeded, market-rate apartments.

H.M. Sustaita