On The Eugene City Council

Ban all dogs, ban their balls

Better yet, give them cameras 

They’ll catalogue and categorize those 

That haven’t bathed 

Those that need more 

Than a panel 

A council of microphones amplifying 

Small voices 

Wealthy voices 

Ban defecation. Ban the bladder

Better yet, propose an ordinance 

Demanding those with incontinence 

File form 63b.231A

To be placed 

On a waiting list 

For a care package 

With toothbrushes 

And scripture 

And a fucking Snickers 

Ban blankets. Ban rapid eye movement 

Better yet, build a courtroom 

Build ten 


Build a cell, build plenty 

“We need more beds” 

Ban yourself. Ban the hungry 

Better yet, give them our money 

Place life above business 

I’m disgusted 



Samuel Mitchell


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