Getting Kids Engaged

I would like to call attention to the lack of public attendance to community meetings. It is a social dilemma that needs to be resolved.

The current youth already pay little to no attention to the happenings in the community, which no one seems to be distressed by. If children grow up not caring about what goes on in their community, our future begins to look very bleak. 

The city and state need to put some kind of effort in addressing this issue. The solution may be incorporating social media to a larger degree and/or creating programs to implement in K-12 schools. Getting children interested in social issues at a young age could make them carry that intrigue into adulthood, when it really matters. I have two teenage sisters who completely glaze over if I try to bring up politics or social issues, even when it directly affects them and their lives.

It may seem ludicrous, but if we can manage to make getting involved in the community fun, people would actually begin to pay more attention. 

We need to change this dynamic where people run from the word “legislature.”

Mayor Lucy Vinis, Mayor Christine Lundberg and Gov. Kate Brown, please do something about this. It may resemble a small issue now, but down the road it could be a catastrophic problem.

Andrea McIntyre


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