Climate Denier

How long will Eugene Weekly publish drivel? The rhetoric on climate change is misleading, the science is inconclusive and it seems people are wholly unaware of the legitimate arguments in opposition of climate change, as well as the appalling would-be legislation, the Green New Deal.

In EW’s latest issue (6/13), Chuck Areford contributed a column in which he makes a case for the aforementioned issues using fallacious, alarmist and fear mongering arguments — even outright misleading. Unable to offer a proper response to a possible counterargument, he then patronizes critics, referring to them as “deluded” and “living in a fantasy world.”

Isn’t this the norm? If one is to disagree with the cultural elite one is laughed at, ridiculed, mocked, made out to be stupid or uneducated, and altogether treated like scum. Ordinary Americans, whom Areford calls on to bow at the altar of climate change, distrust the people espousing these doctrines. They’ve heard it all before; little has changed and what has changed may not have anything to do with human action.

The reason climate change is so controversial is because the science simply isn’t decided and now the ones who claim it is want somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred trillion dollars of tax payer money to prop up their perfect clean energy utopia, conveniently making them the saviors of the world.

It’s dripping in socialism and the American people aren’t buying what’s for sale. 

James Phillips 


Editor’s note: We will continue to publish about the dangers of climate change — an issue on which the science is decidedly settled — until our climate begins to improve, and we have stopped endangering the planet. 

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