High-Density Hell

Wow! In EW’s June 6 issue “Summer Guide” article, I noticed some information about a lady who boasts that Eugene has a fantastic quality of life. She quotes: “It’s on par with any big city, and you don’t have to fight traffic.”

Right away I realized the author probably hasn’t lived here for very long. I continue to read and, sure enough, she and her three children moved here just a few years ago! She then goes on to create a book listing 100 things to do in Eugene. Thank you for figuring out a way to profit off of promoting our town!

I’ve never seen so much aggressive traffic here in my life. 

County planners keep approving of new construction, yet there has been nothing done to improve the traffic situation here. I’ve witnessed many high-density apartments and homes being built with absolutely no yard or trees. Efforts are being made to expand our urban growth boundaries. Developers are planning to turn old parks and golf courses into more high-density housing.

The newcomers have filed complaints that there apparently are not enough homes to choose from. Eventually a local will sell their home. We don’t want more homes built. We don’t want more Suburbans and Expeditions on the road clogging up traffic being driven by people on their dumb phones cutting us off because we dare give the person in front of us a little space.

Neal Cassidy