We’re All Mad Here

I was saddened and a bit frustrated while reading your review of Alice in Wonderland (“Curioser and Curioser,” 6/20). There was an assumption in a specific paragraph about the movement and choreography that there are stagehands that create the world of Wonderland.

I would love for this to be changed because every set piece and prop (hoops, L-brackets, etc.) is brought to life by the actors. Even all the veterans of Oregon Shakespeare Festival in the show operate a prop/set piece to create the world.

I myself am a part of the cast and as dance/movement captain, and am used probably the most out of the entire cast to create the world of Wonderland. For example, the actors who created that “entire ocean of tears” were Eddie Lopez and me — Eddie on the hoop with the mouse swimming, and myself on Alice’s (Emily Ota’s) hoop.

Our creation of the world of Alice through movement and choreography, in the vision of director Sara Bruner and movement director Jaclyn Miller, is just as methodically thought out and executed as any of the nonsensical text delivery in the show.

I would also love for myself (Matthew Ranaudo) and (Eddie Lopez) to be credited in the movement section, and not the assumption that we are stagehands.

Matthew Ranaudo