I saw a popular report that, because the last five years recorded the highest global temperatures on record since records began in 1880, we must pass HB 2020 for cap and trade. That statement removes credibility from the manmade global warming concept and from the Oregon legislative proposal to fix it.

Global warming models fail to reserve a dominant role for the sun’s radiance. In 1880 it was impossible to measure the sun’s effect, because until 1978 precise measurements of the value of the total solar irradiance were not available. The sun is a variable star in which solar activity, luminosity and diameter cannot be precisely predicted, but must play an important role in any model, so only an increment and not total temperature could have been legitimately reported. 

Applying cap-and-trade to Oregon is a poorly disguised strategy to extract huge tax amounts from residents. Even if manmade climate change was real, the policy would have an unmeasurable impact. Two of the greatest polluters on the planet are China and India.

Oregon has a population of 4.18 million. The population of Beijing, China, is 24.18 million. That of Delhi, India, is 26.5 million.

Oregonians should not suffer so horribly as a result of this financial deception to impose a sales tax. 

Nolan Nelson