The Birth Experience

Since hearing of the impending closure of the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center, I’ve been participating in my first protest of anything. Yet, my births were in-hospital, and I’m done having babies, so why?

I fight for the birth-center model of care because of my own birth experiences. The birth center and midwives give an empowering, calm, assured experience throughout pregnancy and in-hospital.

I’ve also discovered the many research articles establishing that birth-center models of care are the best models for low risk pregnancies. In addition, the lactation care I received was amazing and much needed. I didn’t have to go to a foreign place to get help; it was at the birth center.

Finally, I was impressed with the quality of care during my wellness visit. The midwife was thorough in her exam and listened intently to my concerns and addressed them. I will be returning to the birth center for all my future gynecologic visits, or I’ll return to my lack of preventative healthcare.

I want all mothers to have access to this empowering way of approaching women’s health and birth. PeaceHealth sent a few empty invitations for the Lane County Friends of the Birth Center to join in a discussion of how to lower in-hospital birth risks.

I would say: “PeaceHealth, you have the answer in the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center! Stop being lazy and begin looking for more permanent options to keep it open.”

Melissa Wilberger


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