Home Birthing

It would certainly be a blow to women’s reproductive choice in this area if PeaceHealth closes its birth center. However, I would like to point out that there is another place to give birth: home.

Last year I gave birth to my wonderful son in the privacy and serenity of my own home with my partner and two excellent homebirth midwives. My prenatal and postpartum visits (also at my home) were always at least an hour, and I had plenty of time to work through my concerns, have all of my questions answered and to forge a close relationship with the women who would guide me through this incredible life transition.

For healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies, choosing home birth means less risk for invasive interventions, vaginal lacerations and postpartum hemorrhage. Homebirth midwives screen their clients for any potential risk factors and refer women to specialists when necessary.

Just because homebirth is not common in this country does not mean it’s unsafe or abnormal. U.S. birth statistics are deplorable. Let’s fight for birth choice in this country. Let’s bring birth back to the bedroom!

Paige Cramond


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