Two-Wheels Good

Critics of mountain bikers such as Shannon Wilson (Letters, 7/18) cite that mountain biking negatively impacts the environment. The same people submit that the impacts increase runoff, destroys habitat and ruins the trails for hikers and runners alike.

There have been dozens of studies on mountain biking and the environmental impacts published on the International Mountain Biking Association website. A June 2003 post on Wildlands [CPR’s website] “cited several different studies that found no difference between hiking and biking in terms of environmental impact.”

Also published in March 2007 was the study that found “mountain biking is no more damaging than other forms of recreation including hiking.”

Most mountain bikers I have run across have been respectful to the trails and aware of the impact that they may have on the environment.

It is unfortunate that Wilson has such a harsh outlook on these people in pursuit of their passion.

My suggestion: Lighten up, get yourself a bike and see what you are missing. Perhaps pick another battle that makes more sense.

John Carlson


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