Gender Politics

I just love it when men “correct” women’s opinions.

Take, for example, my letter pleading for the plight of waterfowl being harmed by people feeding them. So some man reads my letter (EW, 7/3) and decides that my idea is stupid and his idea — that I should get out there with clippers to uncover the signs — is the way better solution — thank you, Tom Arnold (Letters, 7/25).

And Linda Perrine’s ideas to lower carbon footprints (EW, 7/18) — corrected by Sal Pietromonico (Letters, 7/25).

I’m not saying that these obviously intelligent males ideas aren’t valid. Perhaps they are (especially the one about fewer children). Maybe they could be written about in separate letters, without dismissing three women’s ideas.

And has anyone noticed the proportion of men’s letters that are published, compared to women’s letters?
Perhaps these obviously intelligent men should examine their biases and voice their opinions without the need to “correct” women.

Believe me, this is just one of the many ways that “intelligent” men try to keep us in line.

Jean Denis