Shaping Growth

Thank you for the Greenway Guardian Viewpoint regarding Homes For Good’s sale of 3.59 acres to Evergreen Housing. HFG’s mission is to develop low-income housing in Lane County; it has held this site located between the river and River Road for 20-plus years.

River Road neighbors are not knee-jerk anti-development. We simply want to have a voice in shaping necessary growth. River Road Community Organization has promoted St. Vincent de Paul’s low-income apartment project on River Road just south of Howard Avenue, and has welcomed infill ADUs and “rolling homes” on commercial sites.

We say yes to inclusion, to community, to development designed with respect. High density, high rise, (overpriced) market rate apartments that guarantee ongoing turnover? Please, no.

That’s been the fallout from Evergreen’s previous development, Ecco Apartments, half a mile north on River Road. It’s a treeless expanse of out-of-scale blocks looming over the surrounding neighborhood, creating parking strife, traffic gridlock and a stream of disgruntled short-term residents.

The Greenway site offers access to bike path, bus service and the tree-lined river. Wouldn’t this be a great place for affordable cottages or row houses? Is there some reason that low income, elderly or disabled people can’t be housed on prime land?

Lynne Lockhart


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