Ending The Times

You’ve probably heard that Starbucks has announced it’ll stop selling newspapers next month. That will mean a reduction of about 20 area places where print-loving old farts like me can buy a copy of The New York Times every day of the week.

As Eugene Weekly doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a local, or perhaps regional, screed, perhaps you folks can help identify places, if any, where the NYT will be available on a daily basis (even Barnes & Noble only offers the Sunday edition).

While there’s no money to be made solely by selling the paper, a place that offers food and beverages would find (as Starbucks will) that a paper purchase is often accompanied by purchases of a latte and croissant or the like.

I hate the thought of having to read the paper, and do the crossword, on a computer screen. The chair I’m sitting on now is not nearly as comfortable as the lounge chair in the living room. Help us dinosaurs if you can.

Jack Cochrun