Fascism In Action

The Jordan Cove project would build 230-plus miles of pipeline through forests and private property, cutting through key ecological areas. It will impact drinking water and local economies to everything in between.

Proponents cite safe protections for natural disasters and habitat destruction; Oregon geologic and wildlife agencies have found this to be otherwise.

Not mentioned anywhere by the Canadian company is what will protect Oregon from the pipeline being the top carbon polluter in the state. The liquefying process taking place at Coos Bay will spew one-and-a-third times the emissions our largest polluter, PGE Boardman’s coal plant, already does.

Recently, information has come out that the FBI and police are monitoring local protests. I feel funny about public tax money being used to monitor community meetings and safe demonstrations.

Worse here is that corporate interests are fused with state infrastructure, what our democracy is not about. Not only is this project endangering the climate and ecosystem, it is violating our civil liberties as well.

Kerstin Britz


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