Extinction Rebellion

Let’s state the truth clearly: We are in a climate emergency.

Our governments are failing us. Corporations and banks want to continue making fossil fuel profits. We’re making changes in our individual lives, but we know that won’t be enough. More community members must recognize the emergency and demand that policy-makers act, and fast.

Simply put, business as usual is suicide. We must use cars less, heat our homes using less and clearer energy, eat more plants and buy less of everything. It’s the job of our local governments to take transformational action, making these changes doable.

Extinction Rebellion shines a light squarely on the climate emergency. Look for XR spotlights bringing that focus all over Eugene in the coming weeks. Watch for non-violent actions that “press pause” on business as usual. As you drive, as you eat, as you shop — do not look away from the climate emergency.

Then get out and get involved. Go from bystander to up-stander. The planet needs you.

Linda Heyl