Sermons Of Hope

Reflecting on the Gods, Guns and Liberty rally, Dan Buckwalter (8/15) says, “There were no sermons to be seen.”

I recommend reading Peter Walker’s Sagebrush Collaboration — not quite a sermon, but with a hopeful message. Walker analyzes the failed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016.  More importantly, he shows how the citizens of Harney County had over years built up trusting relationships and an ability to work together in spite of deep disagreements, so that they were highly successful in rebuffing not only the occupation but its mentality.

All in all, Eugene handled the Aug. 10 rally with no major incidents — good start. Can we learn from little Harney County and develop our collaboration muscles?

An excellent book, readable, and one we should think about. 

Sara Van Dyck


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