Illustration by Chelsea Lovejoy

The Puzzle Issue

Letters Word Search!

We get them in our inbox each week. now you can find the words we see again and again

By Chelsea Lovejoy

Every week Eugene Weekly runs as many letters by local voices as we can fit in our pages. We try for a diversity of writers and topics, but we have to admit that there are certain themes that come up again and again. Circle the EW-letters related words, take a photo and tag us on Instagram #EWpuzzled

Create Your Own EW Story

EW-libs. Kinda like that one game you used to play as a kid. One person reads out the type of words to another who fills in the blank.

By ____________________

A group of _______________ (plural noun) gathered at _______________ (location) on _______________ (street name). “We are here to _______________ (verb) against the _______________ (evil noun),” organizer _______________ (proper noun) says. 

The _______________ (plural noun) waved _______________ (objects) and shouted slogans like “_______________ (verb) the _______________ (evil noun).”

Another protester declined to give _______________ (pronoun) name citing_______________(reasons for something). The protester explains that Lane County is facing a _______________ (kind of danger) from _______________ (evil noun). “_______________ (evil noun) must be stopped!”_______________ (proper noun) shouts as cars honk on _______________ (street). 

When _______________ (proper noun) was asked about _______________ (evil noun), they responded, “_______________ (evil noun) can _______________ (verb) because _______________ (reason why).

The protest ended with _______________ (verb) and _______________ (noun). 



Illustration by Chelsea Lovejoy

Rows Garden

By Matt Jones

Answers fit into this flower garden in two ways. Row answers read horizontally from the lettered markers; each row contains two consecutive answers reading left to right (except rows A and L, which contain one answer reading across the nine protruding spaces).

Blooms are six-letter answers that fill the shaded and unshaded hexagons, reading either clockwise or counterclockwise. Bloom clues are divided into three lists: Light, medium and dark. 

Answers to light clues should be placed in hexagons with white centers; medium answers belong in the hexagons with gray centers; and dark answers belong in hexagons with black centers. All three bloom lists are in random order, so you must use the row answers to figure out where to plant each bloom.

A Skateboard rail maneuver using only the frontside
B Signed up to vote
Drive backwards (3 wds.)
C Quality of involving language
Extremely charitable
D Some mouse actions (2 wds.)
Flies in an adventure sport on lightweight craft
E Tailless primate
Intel microprocessor from 2006-2009 (2 wds., hyph.)
F Behind in French class?
French president from 1995-2007 (2 wds.)
G 1979 James Bond film
Will Ferrell’s character in “The Lego Movie” (2 wds.)
H Sugar-coated meats popular during the holidays (2 wds.)
Argued (with), to a Brit (3 wds.)
I Diner dessert served with ice cream (4 wds.)
Hat favored by Sherlock Holmes
J Low-aimed headlights (2 wds.)
See who’s knocking, maybe (3 wds.)
K Reduced-price showroom item (2 wds.)
“Take Me Home Tonight” rocker (2 wds.)
L Walkable feature of the Portland International Rose Test Garden, or Eugene’s Owen Rose Garden (2 wds.)

Light Blooms
007’s “Casino Royale” foe
Buzzed, on a game show (2 wds.)
Clear from accusation
Conan of late-night TV
Do a new bathroom wall job, maybe
Gaseous substances
Get by somehow (2 wds.)
Hang around
“Keep your eyes ___”
Not out and about (2 wds.)
Sterile bee
“The fashionable,” in French (2 wds.)
Time’s 2007 “Invention of the Year”

Medium Blooms
18-wheeler (2 wds.)
Andy once of “60 Minutes”
Argentinian grasslands
Butter cookie brand sold in a tin
Crossword solving need
End a computer session (2 wds.)
Fred Flintstone’s pal
High-end audio makers of Concerto 2 bookshelf speakers
Pillage and plunder
Prepare for eating, as shrimp
Ramis of “Ghostbusters”
Wears away gradually
Website with “Ask Me Anything” interviews

Dark Blooms
At anchor
Bring under control
Chart of constellations (2 wds.)
Doing a lawn chore
IKEA’s homeland
Shaped wood on a machine
Tear-___ (sentimental story)
The youngest Nobel Prize laureate, familiarly

Jonesin’ Crossword

“Musical Shares” –they were all in Eugene.

by Matt Jones

1 Japanese hybrid apples
6 Library amenity, often
10 “ ___ she blows!”
14 Got up
15 Actor McGregor of “Trainspotting”
16 Sari-clad royal
17 Modest Mouse’s frontman (who lived in Eugene briefly)
19 Pronto, in fewer letters
20 Operated, as equipment
21 It’s read as “1010” in binary
22 Biscuit served with Earl Grey
24 Bucket user in a boat
27 Beefeater product
28 “Rocketman” instrument
30 ___-com (movie genre)
32 Jet-black, poetically
33 “Burnt” crayon color
35 Bean used in making chocolate
37 “Cabaret” star Minnelli
38 Vehicles often seen around Eugene
40 Bismarck is its cap.
44 Insurance lizard
46 2001 A.L. MVP Suzuki
48 Bank acct. guarantor
50 Bulgaria’s continent (abbr.)
52 Daytona 500 events
53 Skiing event with gates
55 City between Olympia and Seattle
57 Songbird
59 Either T in “Aristotle”
60 A TD earns six of these
63 Shaft between wheels
64 Grammy-winning blues guitarist who lived in Eugene in the 1970s
67 ‘70s Israeli prime minister
68 2010 Apple debut
69 Hunter-shaped constellation
70 Has no presence
71 Eye drop?
72 It’s drawn in a game of Hangman

1 Not at all cloudy
2 Constellation bear
3 Follower of Arlo Guthrie at Woodstock
4 “This ___ test… “
5 Tangerine part
6 Film director Herzog
7 “Letters from ___ Jima” (2006 film)
8 Known truth
9 Did some comic book work
10 Singer of the 1996 single “Mother Mother” (raised in Eugene)
11 Makes an attempt (at)
12 Luke Skywalker’s father
13 Age on a vine
18 “The Fresh Prince of ___-Air”
23 Geometric figure
25 Singer-songwriter (born in Eugene) named Eugene Weekly’s “Next Big Thing” in 2010
26 Crank it up
28 Fall Starbucks release, initially
29 It’s right on the dial?
31 Author Rita ___ Brown
34 Disney acquisition of 1995
36 “___: Miami”
39 Barinholtz of “The Oath”
41 Star of the movie in 51-Down’s clue
42 Come as you ___
43 Ring finishes
45 Green sci.
47 Salad bar cube
48 Linseed oil producers
49 “Little ___” (1957 hit by The Diamonds)
51 Like “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
53 All-knowing sort
54 Promotion basis
56 Parking spot occupant
58 Lasso material
61 Art colony in New Mexico
62 “Auld Lang ___”
65 “Old MacDonald” sound
66 ___-Magnon man

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Lane County Limericks

It’s rhyme-time with a limerick fill-in the blank

By Rick Levin

There once was a chairman named Phil

Who generously footed the bill

But if you weren’t on the team,

And wearing something green,

He came off as rather a ____________________ .

At Kesey Eugene had a square

And the public could congregate there

But developers came

Erasing the name

To take what was more than their ____________________.

In Eugene we smoke lots of weed

And sneeze from the wafting grass seed

Our traffic gets worse

It’s ready to burst

But stoned, what more do you ____________________?

The Market is always such fun

All that food and the music and sun

“Now Saturday’s here!”

The Proud Boys cheer

And go shopping with God and a ____________________.

Answer key: shill (or Schill), share, need, gun